S’pore taxi driver shames seemingly drunk lady for not paying fare, backfires

She didn't seem to have any belongings on her.

Tanya Ong | July 13, 2019 @ 01:38 pm


Being a taxi driver in Singapore means having to deal with all sorts of passengers.

In a video shared on Facebook, one taxi driver appeared to be quite irritated by a passenger who, apparently, had not paid the taxi fare.

Apparently, lady had not paid the fare & didn’t have money with her

The driver claimed that the lady was trying to get out of paying the fare, and recorded their entire exchange, saying: “I will make you famous.”

Photo via video screengrab.

The entire video, which lasts over two minutes, consists of him asking the lady repeatedly, “Do you want to pay the money/taxi fare?”

The lady, who is seemingly inebriated, can be heard saying “I want to pay you the fee”. She asked if she could “reach into (her) bag”, presumably to get her wallet.

Photo via video screengrab.

However, the lady did not seem to be carrying any belongings with her when she entered the cab.

The driver claimed that he picked her up in Raffles Place.

People sided with the lady

In response to the video, Facebook commenters pointed out that the taxi driver should not have “humiliated” her like this.

Some also highlighted that he could have tried to find out where she lived and then claimed the fare from her family members instead.


Top photo via video screengrab.

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