Hong Kong actor Simon Yam hospitalised after being stabbed at promotional event in China

That's scary.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 20, 04:25 pm


64-year-old Hong Kong actor Simon Yam was stabbed at a promotional event in Zhongshan, China on July 20, 2019.

Stabbed in abdomen on stage

A CTITV News video circulating online shows an unidentified man dressed in a singlet rushing onstage and stabbing Yam in the abdomen.

In the video, Yam steps back while the man continues to lunge forward, waving the weapon in attempts to hurt Yam.

Screams can be heard from the audience at the event who witnessed what happened. The man was later subdued by security officers.


Yam was conscious following the assault and was later seen walking to a vehicle while being supported, his hand pressing against his bleeding wound.

Another video circulating on Weibo also revealed a voice message from Yam, which was allegedly sent to a WeChat group after he was stabbed.

In the message, Yam sounded calm and sought help from friends, saying:

“Find someone to help me, I’m on the stage now. There is someone crazy here holding a knife and he stabbed me once. I’m bleeding now, I think I have to go to the hospital.”

He was later sent to the hospital to receive treatment.

Yam condition is stable and an investigation is ongoing.

You can watch the CTITV video here:

Top photo collage from Weibo

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