Most self-entitled, phone-using, red light-beating jaywalker in S’pore found in Balestier

Wow, the audacity.

Belmont Lay | July 22, 2019, 09:14 PM

The Singapore law states that when you drive, you cannot run a pedestrian over -- no matter what.

If the pedestrian gets off the sidewalk and steps onto the road, the driver has to give way.

And this law applies even if the pedestrian is a complete a-hole.

Most self-entitled pedestrian in Singapore

Given the ubiquity of dashboard cameras, it was only a matter of time before the most self-entitled jaywalker was caught on one.

Because here, Bearded Specimen 1, is the most self-entitled, red light-beating, phone-using jaywalker in Singapore, caught on camera in Balestier, at the pedestrian crossing in front of Balestier Point.

Drivers cannot run such pedestrians over, but they sure can publicise their actions:

According to the video's time stamp, the incident occurred on July 18, at about 5pm.

Not only did the pedestrian gesticulate wildly at the traffic light to demonstrate he had the right of way -- when he clearly didn't because the red man was on -- he proceeded to stick his foot up as if he wanted to stomp on the vehicle when it tried to drive pass him.

What should you do as a pedestrian in this case?

Admit you are wrong and run across the road, and stop blocking the way.

Full video can also be watched here:

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]