Exotic-looking bird brought into wildlife hospital was actually seagull drenched in curry

Lost in the sauce.

Ashley Tan| July 08, 06:49 PM

On July 1, 2019, a wildlife hospital in the United Kingdom received its most unusual patient as of yet—a bright orange seagull.

This seagull's outlandish colouration wasn't the result of some abnormal genetic mutation, but was instead attributed to something a little more mouth-watering.

Curry-dipped seagull

The staff of Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire might have been understandably nonplussed when they first received a call about a bright orange bird.

Members of public reportedly spotted the flashy bird at the side of a highway, the hospital detailed in a Facebook post.

Photo from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital / FB

When the hospital brought the avian in, they described it as "one of the strangest casualty circumstances [they had] seen in a while".

The exotic-looking bird turned out to not be some new species, but a herring gull thoroughly drenched in curry.

Because of the sauce, the bird was apparently unable to fly properly.

Thankfully, the rescue team stated that apart from the colour and "pungent smell", the gull was healthy, and was simply due for an intense scrubbing session.

It is uncertain how the gull managed to stain its entire body with curry.

Photo from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital / FB

Photo from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital / FB

After the veterinary team bathed and cleaned its feathers, the gull, affectionately named Vinny after vindaloo curry, was returned back to its original white colour, and is reportedly ready to be released.

Photo from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital / FB


You can view Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital's post here:

Not the first time

If you're thinking, "wow, what are the chances a bird falls into a vat of curry or something", you might be a tad surprised to find that this isn't the first time such an incident has occurred.

In 2016, a seagull in Wales fell into a bucket of chicken tikka masala while trying to scavenge for food.

Photo from Amazing World Of Zoology-KU / FB

Hospital staff were able to remove the orange stains, but the smell of curry lingered, reported The Guardian.

Photo from Amazing World Of Zoology-KU / FB

Said one veterinary nurse at the wildlife hospital, "He smelled amazing, he really smelled good."

Top photo from Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital / FB