Tiong Bahru stall sells meals at S$0.50 for underprivileged & anyone who has a bad day


Tanya Ong | July 21, 2019 @ 07:12 am


Zulkifli Abdul Halim and Shah Hida Anuar are a husband and wife duo who operate Satin Satay, a stall in Tiong Bahru Market.

Bad day meal campaign

The husband and wife duo shared in a Facebook video that they want to help feed underprivileged people in their community.

Hence, their stall offers two different kinds of “bad day meals”.

Screengrab via FB video/StandUpFor.SG

The first kind is a “lite” meal, where one only has to pay S$0.50 to get a noodle dish worth S$3.50

The second is a “full” meal, which costs S$1. It consists of rice, meat and vegetables worth S$5.

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People can help to “chope” a meal for others by contributing to their stall directly, or via this link.

Started this after encountering underprivileged people

In the video, the couple shared that they started doing this about seven months ago, sometime after their stall opened in November 2018.

They noticed that there were many elderly persons who seemed interested in buying their food, but held back after asking about the prices.

They also noticed that some people, including domestic workers, would come by during closing time to “pick up scraps” that they were going to throw out.

Hoping to do more for these people, Shah and Zulkifli decided to come up with “bad day meals” so everyone can enjoy a hot meal even if they cannot afford the full cost of it.

Screengrab via FB video/StandUpFor.SG

Even though it was originally started to help feed less-privileged members of the community, the couple also clarified in the video that these “bad day meals” are for everyone — not just the underprivileged.

“Bad days don’t just occur to people who do not have money, but people who have money has bad days as well,” said Zulkifli.

You can watch the full video here:

Top photo screengrab via FB video/StandUpFor.SG

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