Hyper-realistic chicken wing & pork belly keychains look ridiculously delicious


Nyi Nyi Thet |Melanie Lim | July 15, 09:57 pm


Here are some chicken wings and braised pork belly.

Image from Amin/Wikipedia
Image from Chinese Cooking Demystified.

Here are two keychains.

Image from Minna Vu


The keychains bought by Facebook user Minna Vu to Facebook community group Eat N Go instantly caused a stir.

The post, which has been up for less than a day, has more than 9,200 shares.

She posted this possibly prescient comment along with the picture.

“One of these nights, i know a drunk fool is gonna try to eat my new keychains.”

Many marvelled at the sheer likeness of the keychains.

With one finding a pertinent use for the fake food keychains.

Vu bought the incredibly scrumptious looking keychains from Tokyo.

While she didn’t clarify exactly which store, Japan’s more popular fake food store does serve their version of chicken wings.

Image from Fake Food Japan
Screenshot from Fake Food Japan

Doesn’t look the same.

It’s no surprise that the Tokyo keychain is so realistic, fake food craft is serious business in Japan, it is after all a multi-billion yen industry.


Other realistic food miniatures

Hyper-realistic miniature food by M’sian clay artist will confuse & blow your mind

Image from Minna Vu

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