OCBC Pay Anyone app allows faster cash withdrawal at ATMs in S'pore using QR code

No need for ATM card or PIN number.

Zhangxin Zheng| July 31, 03:50 PM

Withdrawing cash in Singapore might be more convenient and faster for some now.

Withdraw cash via OCBC Pay Anyone app

OCBC Bank has introduced a new QR code function for users to withdraw cash from its ATMs.

The QR code method will shave off 45 to 80 seconds spent at the ATM for each person, according to OCBC.

OCBC users can scan the QR code from their OCBC Pay Anyone app to withdraw cash.

There are quite a few withdrawal options similar to what is available at the ATM:

Authentication security feature

The transaction will also require authentication via fingerprint, face recognition or mobile banking login credentials.

This new function is said to be "more secure" than entering the PIN number as it uses biometric authentication, which will deter others from misusing your bank account if your phone gets stolen.

This function is now ready for use at 655 OCBC ATMs islandwide.

You can watch how it works here:

Top photo from OCBC video