Man in Ang Mo Kio allegedly used woman’s shoe to touch himself

A real case of 'Video or it didn't happen'.

Joshua Lee | July 29, 2019 @ 06:49 pm


A man was allegedly caught smelling and ejaculating into a female shoe outside an Ang Mo Kio HDB flat.

The incident was captured on closed circuit television (CCTV) camera by the neighbour of the household that was affected.

The resident, Mrs Xu, whose family’s shoes were sullied, wrote to Channel 8 news 8 World with her story.

Neighbour’s daughter’s shoes on floor

Xu said her neighbour returned home on July 28 at around 12.40pm and found shoes strewn along the flight of stairs outside the house.

The shoes on the ground belong to the daughter of Xu’s neighbour.

Xu’s neighbour then checked the CCTV camera, which was mounted next to the doorbell.

Distressing footage was uncovered.

Man outside door

At around 12.20pm on Sunday, July 28, an unknown man was seen loitering outside Xu’s door with his genitalia hanging out of his pants.

Via Channel 8 News.

The man then picked up one of Xu’s red shoes and gave it a good whiff before rubbing it on his exposed private part.

He fled quickly after, but not before leaving semen in the shoe.

Via Channel 8 News.

“There was a pervert outside my door!” Xu told 8 World.

Both Xu and her neighbour expressed concerned for the safety of their young children and daughters.

Xu has already lodged a police report.

No mention was made about what happened to the shoes belonging to the daughter of Xu’s neighbour that were found on the ground.

In response to queries by 8 World, the police confirmed a report was made on July 29 at 1pm and they are currently investigating.

You can watch the entire video on Channel 8 here.

Top image via 8 World. 

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