Internet goes crazy over adorable odd-eyed black cat named 'Milk'

Her eyes!

Ashley Tan| July 13, 03:57 PM

Everyone loves cats, but one particular feline hailing from China has taken the internet by storm.

One very cute kitty

Meet Niu Nai the black cat, whose name means 'Milk' in Chinese.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

The kitty has become an online sensation, and has her own Instagram account @milkyblvck.

Although the account currently only has 31 posts, Niu Nai's follower count has soared to over 41,000 followers in just four months.

Mismatched eyes

What makes Niu Nai unique compared to most other cats are her eyes -- one eye is a striking blue, while the other is a bright orange.

Her mismatched eyes are the result of a rare genetic condition known as heterochromia.

When young, kittens have two blue eyes, but as they grow, heterochromia causes melanin to move into one iris and not the other.

Hence, cats with the condition have one eye that changes to green, yellow or brown, while the other remains blue.

Thankfully, heterochromia doesn't affect the cat's vision at all.

Here's a close up photo of Niu Nai's striking eyes.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Everyone loves Niu Nai

Niu Nai's owner, Clare Zheng, told Business Insider that the cat is currently three-and-a-half years-old.

Zheng revealed that Niu Nai was given to her by a friend, and loves to eat and sleep all day.

She told Business Insider that the kitty was "not interested in normal cat toys" as well.

Here are more photos of Niu Nai, which have captured the hearts of thousands worldwide.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Niu Nai looking like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

With one particular video of Niu Nai going pretty viral.

The video has more than 240,000 views, and has also been reposted several times on Twitter.

We all wish we could adopt Niu Nai.

Top photo from @milkyblvck / IG