Mother asks student taking LRT to hand over his S$70 limited edition toy to pacify her whining toddler

Nico-chan, are you okay?

Zhangxin Zheng | July 18, 2019, 04:19 PM

Handling crying young toddlers on public transport can be a difficult task for parents.

While most parents try to pacify their children without disturbing the peace and the rest of the fare-paying commuters, one mother in Singapore made an unreasonable request to a fellow passenger.

Here's what happened, as recounted on a Reddit thread.

Brought S$70 toy figurine to school

A Redditor from Singapore with the handle u/Master_InfernoBrine recounted his encounter with an unreasonable mother who demanded that he hand over his beloved toy figurine to pacify the woman's whining toddler.

The Redditor recalled that the incident happened on a crowded LRT train while he was on the way home from school.

He brought his beloved toy figurine, Nico-chan, to school that to show off to his classmate.

The figurine, Nico Yazawa Nendoroid, is a character from the popular Anime, Love Live, which costs S$70 and is currently out of production.

Here's how the toy looks:

Image from Good Smile Company.

He took it out to look at it as he always enjoys doing so, after he was seated in the LRT cabin.

Mother of whining toddler demands for the toy

In the LRT cabin was a toddler nearby who was intimidated by the crowd and started bawling.

The mother tried to pacify the boy by handing him an Oreo biscuit and her phone, but the boy just threw the items on the ground.

Then, Nico-chan caught the boy's attention and started to reach out for it.

In response, the Redditor hid his Nico-chan out of fear that he has to surrender his beloved figurine to the boy.

The boy cried and the mother asked about the toy.

The Redditor took Nico-chan out again and seeing her boy yearning for the toy, the mother asked the student to give the toy to her boy.

The Redditor, who refused to comply, explained that the toy is expensive and will be hard to find another since the production stopped four years ago.

However, the mother was apparently enraged by this and continued to demand the toy.

Here's an intense exchange between the "entitled mother" (EM) and the Redditor:

EM: Don't lie to me. Anyway, just give (it to) him for a while only, he won't break (it).

Me (remembering EK's tendency to throw stuff): No, I'm sorry. This really was $70, I waited 3 weeks for it, and I'm not going to give it to you because your son will throw it.

At this point, EM is turning red. Asian parents are easy to annoy.


Fellow Anime fan

Subsequently, the Redditor decided to move away but the mother grabbed his backpack to stop him.

At this point, a secondary three student stepped in to ask the mother to let go of the Redditor, or else, she will call the police.

The girl who happened to be a fan of Love Live, also confirmed that the Redditor was not lying about the toy.

Feeling embarrassed, the mother turned red and left the train at the next stop while muttering grudgingly "young people these days".

The Redditor was grateful to the girl who came to his and Nico-chan's rescue.

What a ride.

Top photo collage from sgtrain and myfigurinecollection