Only 6-star public toilet in S’pore located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

A six-star pooping experience.

Tanya Ong | July 11, 05:00 pm


Nice toilets are clearly very important to some people.

Like this one Instagrammer who spends her free time rating public toilets all over Singapore.

Instagrammer rates public toilets all over S’pore for fun, Jewel Changi Airport given solid 11/10

And in case anyone was wondering, there actually is an association in Singapore that rates public toilets.

Restroom Association of Singapore grades restrooms

The Restroom Association of Singapore has a grading system, which awards three to six stars to public restrooms in Singapore based on certain criteria.

Some of these criteria include having a “reasonably dry floor”, provision of basic amenities (like soap and toilet paper) and the toilet being litter-free.

Six stars are, of course, extremely rare.

But they do exist — at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Six-star Marina Bay Sands toilets

In 2018, six toilets at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes were reportedly given a six-star “magnificent” rating by the association, according to CNA.

These were the first toilets in Singapore to be awarded this rating.

According to Restroom Association Singapore, a six-star restroom has the following criteria, with a score of at least 104 points:

  • Facilities in working condition
  • Provision of basic amenities i.e. hand soap, toilet paper, etc
  • No odour, litter-free
  • Reasonably dry floor
  • Special delights, user-friendliness and eco-friendly facilities
  • Adoption of holistic technology namely Detect, Feedback, Eliminate & Clean (DFEC) to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Cleaning attendants completed the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) module in washroom cleaning and RAS training in washroom inspection

Here’s what it looks like:

Photo via Restroom Association of Singapore.
Photo via Restroom Association of Singapore.
Photo via Restroom Association of Singapore.
Photo via Restroom Association of Singapore.


Top photo via RAS.

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