Korean man beats Vietnamese wife in front of child till she has broken ribs

He did this in front of a crying child.

Nyi Nyi Thet| July 09, 09:24 AM

In one of the more vicious cases of domestic abuse caught on camera, a 36-year-old Korean man was filmed beating up his wife in front of his child.

Be warned, the video is really quite disturbing.

As the wife is crouching down after a series of punches, the man can be heard berating her.

According to The Korea Herald, the man tells the wife, "Didn't I tell you that you are not in Vietnam?”

All this while the child screams in the background.

The child can be seen running away as the assault on his mother continues.


The incident, which took place in Yeognam, South Jeolla Province, has resulted in the man being arrested.

The man told police that he was drunk during the incident.

Acquaintances of the woman in the video, who is a marriage migrant from Vietnam, has said the reason for the beating was due to her inability to speak Korean.

According to The Korea Herald, the victim suffered broken ribs and other injuries that required a month of treatment.

The Women Migrants Human Rights Centre of Korea is offering support to the victim.

Image from YouTube