KFC Russia launches fried chicken bucket hats because in Russia food buckets eat you

Because wearing a corporate logo upside down is subversive. And because Russia.

Melanie Lim | July 11, 03:52 pm


Corporations are coming up with all kinds of ideas in a bid to sell all kinds of things that the masses don’t need.

KFC Russia, yes, American fast food in the post-Soviet country, has teamed up with Russian street wear label Mam Cupy to come up with bucket hats.

They are literally buckets for fried chicken that doubles up as hats because in Russia, fried chicken buckets eat you.

Image via Arthur Couvat for KFC
Image via Arthur Couvat for KFC


This limited edition bucket hat comes in red and white stripes and an upside-down Colonel Sanders logo — think subversive element because anything upside down is subversive (e.g. crosses) — and retails for 1,800 rubles (S$38.70) at Mam Cupy.

Image via Arthur Couvat for KFC
Image via Arthur Couvat for KFC

In their campaign video, a voice-over asks “Is it a hat?” and “Or a bucket?” over scenes of youngsters wearing the contraption.

Peak capitalism, Russian style

This is essentially peak capitalism: A corporate brand subverting the subversive in a bid to sell more of itself to consumers who didn’t even ask for something like this before.

However, as the brand currently does not ship outside of Russia, international KFC fans will just have to make do without these bucket hats for now.

Or wear the ones that come with real fried chicken inside.

Not as if it hasn’t been done before.

Cue Buckethead.

Top image courtesy of KFC Russia

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