Kenneth Ma calls Jacqueline Wong a 'friend' 3 months after backseat scandal


Mandy How | July 07, 2019, 11:53 AM

TVB actress Jacqueline Wong is still feeling the effects of her salacious scandal.

She was caught in April canoodling in the backseat with Andy Hui, who is superstar Sammi Cheng's husband.

As a result, Wong lost a number of TV roles and sponsors.

In late May, Wong, who had gone to the U.S, was reported to be in money trouble and had likely broken up with fellow actor Kenneth Ma.

While Ma hinted that his next girlfriend would not be a materialistic woman, he did not explicitly talk about his relationship with Wong.

However, the actor openly addressed the (non) relationship in an interview with Hong Kong paper Oriental Daily, published on July 6.


Throughout the interview, Ma spoke respectfully of Wong, even defending her at times — as he did in past instances.

When asked if he is still in contact with Wong, Ma replied,

"We are friends, I feel that everyone has overreacted slightly over the matter. It's difficult to pinpoint blame in a relationship, there is no need for everyone to react so strongly, no need to attack her [Wong]. She also knows that she's in the wrong, but who hasn't made a mistake before?"

As for whether he has forgiven her, Ma said,

"I've said before, I was angry, but it was only for a while. I was more worried than angry afterwards. I hope that everyone will not react so strongly in the future, and give her a chance.

Ma also added that he does not mind collaborating with Wong for future projects.

"Ok! I don't mind, I've already said that we are friends, and she's not my father's murderer, no need to blow up relationship matters."

The actor then clarified that he was not intending to look for Wong in the U.S. as a reporter had previously written.

The Hong Kong paper also asked if Ma's mother was worried about him, to which he assured everyone, "No, because I'm fine."

Top image via Kenneth Ma's Facebook page and Jacqueline Wong's Instagram