Joanne Peh is a ruthless brothel boss in Toggle’s first M18 English drama


Zhangxin Zheng | July 26, 02:24 pm


Singaporean actress Joanne Peh has been making a comeback in recent years.

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Peh has remained rather low-key after marrying fellow actor Qi Yu Wu, but the actress has recently taken up a role in an upcoming Toggle drama which might be worth looking forward to.

First M18 Toggle drama

36-year-old Peh will be acting as a brothel boss called Fung Lan in Toggle’s first M18-rating drama, Last Madame.

The story is set in a brothel called House of Phoenix in 1940s Singapore, similar to The Little Nyonya where Peh had her breakthrough.

In the drama, Fung Lun is a ruthless, former prostitute who wants to save her fellow prostitutes from thirsty men.

The drama will show real-life happenings in a brothel back then, which explains the M18-rating.

The drama is directed by Jean Yeo, who was also behind popular Channel 5 drama series Lion Mums.

Pushing limits

Peh has been sharing some behind-the-scenes of the drama via her social media posts.

This includes how she will possibly look, which apparently took 40 hours of imaging:

Image from Joanne Peh’s Instagram.
Image from Joanne Peh’s Instagram.
Image from Joanne Peh’s Instagram.

Peh also shared in the interview with 8 Days that this role challenges her “to treat her body as an art form”.

She added that there are some intimate scenes in this show — her first since getting married.

Airing in September

The English drama will have 12 half-hour episodes in total.

The drama, which also stars Lina Ng, Constance Lau, and Eelyn Kok, is slated for September 2019.

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Top photo collage from Joanne Peh’s Instagram

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