IMDA: Preetipls & Subhas complied with notice to take down offensive video

Grace Fu said the video was disrespectful, and will lead Singapore down a dark path.

Martino Tan| July 30, 11:00 PM

Preetipls, real name Preeti Nair, together with her brother Subhas Nair, have complied with the notice to take down the video addressing the recent "brownface" ad by E-pay, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) said on July 30.

Hours before IMDA's statement, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam criticised the video for crossing the line in its attack of another race.

Shanmugam said he has a "zero-tolerance" approach to such content as it damages Singapore’s racial harmony and social fabric.

His comments were in response to news that a police report has been lodged against the video due to its offensive nature.

Police investigations are ongoing.

IMDA: Video objectionable on grounds of public interest & national harmony

A spokesperson for IMDA told that it has assessed that the video constituted prohibited content under the Internet Code of Practice, which is objectionable on grounds of public interest and national harmony.

Hence, it issued a notice to the publishers to take down the video.

The song took aim at Chinese people, whom the Nair siblings claimed through their rap lyrics to have exploited minorities for money.

Shanmugam added that the video "insults Chinese Singaporeans, uses four-letter words on Chinese Singaporeans" to make "minorities angry with Chinese Singaporeans".

The video has since been removed from Preetipls' social media platforms by 6.15pm.

Minister Grace Fu: tit-for-tat video was "disrespectful"

Grace Fu, minister for culture, community and youth, became the second minister today to comment on the video.

She said that while the recent E-pay advertisement was "done in poor taste, the tit-for-tat video done in response to it was disrespectful, and will lead us down a dark path".

Fu urged Singaporeans to resolve such issues in a spirit of mutual respect.