Insane queues for S$54 Huawei all over S'pore lead to really angry people without phones

Oh no.

Nyi Nyi Thet| July 26, 09:42 AM

Huawei's Y6 Pro S$54 promotion starts today.

Here is the queue at a Huawei outlet in Tampines mall.

Here is the queue at Courts Megastore Tampines courtesy of a Mothership reader.

[video width="624" height="1296" mp4=""][/video]

Here are other queues from around Singapore.

[video width="400" height="848" mp4=""][/video]

Now, here is a lesson in demand-supply dynamics.

Limited phones mixed with long, snaking queues result in a lot of frustration.

No phones for old men

Here are some comments on the Huawei post advertising the product.

Where unbridled optimism...

... turned to caution.

Which morphed into white-hot rage.

Here are the terms and conditions laid out by Huawei.

Here is a Courts representative at the Tampines branch beseeching people not to let anyone else into the queue.

[video width="624" height="1296" mp4=""][/video]

Apparently the crowds got a bit testy once they learnt of the limited number of phones.

Image from Xylvie's Facebook and Feng Jianbin's Facebook