350 elderly customers queue under hot sun in Ubi for S$54 Huawei phone


Mandy How | July 26, 2019 @ 11:56 am


Chinese tech giant Huawei launched a promotion on July 26, 2019 enticing Singaporeans aged 50 and aboe to purchase a Y6 Pro phone for S$54.

The phone originally retails at S$198.

Huawei selling Y6 Pro phone at S$54 to S’poreans aged 50 & above from July 26, 2019

However, Singaporeans young and old were up in arms after realising that there were very limited handsets at the outlets.

This is especially so as the queues were absolutely insane:

Insane queues for S$54 Huawei all over S’pore lead to really angry people without phones

However, it seems like matters were worse in Ubi, where there was little shade and no air-conditioning.

Photo via Ubi resident

The elderly customers were queuing outdoors outside the Huawei concept store at Ubi Avenue 1, although the line was so long that the shop was no longer in sight.

According to a Ubi resident, about 350 people were in the queue.

Photo via Ubi resident

Here is a panorama view of the snaking queue, which extended around several blocks.

Photo via Ubi resident
Photo via Ubi resident

A closer look at the queues sees that the customers are mostly middle-aged and above, or what Singapore has dubbed, the Merdeka Generation.

Photo via Ubi resident
Photo via Ubi resident

Oh dear.

Top image by Ubi resident

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