Freaky bird in Japan that looks like gorilla is just optical illusion

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Tanya Ong | July 17, 2019 @ 10:52 am


You may have seen a video on the internet involving a bird that looks like a gorilla.

‘Gorilla crow’

The video first surfaced on Twitter on June 20, 2019, and was uploaded by someone in Nagoya, Japan.

He claimed to have gotten a shock from the sight:

The bird was spotted striking a peculiar pose, which made it appear like a tiny gorilla.

Screengrab via Twitter video/@keita_simpson

Here’s a closer look at the bird, which has been identified to be a crow:

Screengrab via Twitter video/@keita_simpson

Since the video went viral, the bird has been dubbed “gorilla crow”.

Just an optical illusion

In response to the video, some people have attempted to explain this curious optical illusion.

One crow researcher on Twitter claimed that it is a “large-billed crow”, which explains why its face is slightly out of proportion in comparison to its body.

The researcher also suggested that the crow was sunning itself.

When crows are sunning, they “drop their wings” and “cock their tails”. At a certain angle, it appears that the legs and tail are missing.

Here’s a helpful illustration:

Another crow researcher added that the crow could possibly be “emaciated”, as tired or hungry birds often droop their wings as well.

Not a freak of nature then, phew.

Top photo via video screengrabs, Twitter/keita_simpson

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