Mother allows boy to pee on plants at Gardens by the Bay, sparks outrage on Internet

Oh no.

Ashley Tan | July 19, 2019 @ 06:30 pm


Gardens By The Bay is a popular destination for both tourists and locals to admire lush greenery and exotic plants.

A recent incident at the place however, ruffled the feathers of numerous Singaporeans.

Taking a leak on some plants

A short seven-second clip posted to Reddit shows a young child urinating into the shrubbery beside the walkway.

A woman, presumably the mother, hurriedly pulls up the kid’s pants after he’s done. The boy then runs off.

The video was uploaded on July 17, 2019 by user ore1 who claims to work at Gardens By The Bay.

According to the user, both mother and child are tourists.

Here’s the video:

Disgust and anger

Netizens on Reddit reacted swiftly with anger and disgust, with many condemning the act and pointing out that it was done in a public space.

One even went as far as calling the mother and child “uneducated tourists”.

Another user added that urinating on the plants at a curated park like Gardens By The Bay might have been much more contentious as opposed to simply doing it on a random grass patch, as the plants there are exotic and not likely to be found anywhere else in Singapore.

Some blamed the parent for not inculcating the right values in her child.

Other Redditors, however, gave the woman and the child the benefit of the doubt. They called out other netizens’ xenophobic comments, stating that such incidents are not limited to foreigners only.

They also defended the pair, saying that parenthood is tough and sometimes resulted in parents facing “dilemmas” when dealing with toddlers’ needs.

The reddit thread has since been locked.

Top photo from ore1 / Reddit and Gardens By The Bay / FB.

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