S’pore lady complains about Foodpanda’s delivery time, Foodpanda replies ‘suck my d***’

Yup, looks like Foodpanda's Instagram account got hacked.

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 15, 2019 @ 11:52 am


Foodpanda has had some issues with delivering food promptly for a while now.

Here is the comment section on one of their latest Facebook posts.

In general, negative reactions.

Most memorable Foodpanda complaint

One of the many customers who had some complaints about Foodpanda took to Instagram to share her story.

The Instagram user, Gadula, posted this complaint about Foodpanda to her Instagram Story.

Image from @Gadula

Foodapanda apparently didn’t take well to her complaints, as the official Instagram responded with, “Delete this you dumb wh*re”.

They then proceeded to curse at her while trying to avoid getting the exchange screen captured, which ultimately proved to be unsuccessful.



What happened

The customer then elaborated on what happened in another Instagram post.

Apparently, she had ordered her food at around 6.30pm, and when it was around 7.45pm, she realised that the food was still 23 minutes away.

Which was, of course, an estimation she didn’t have confidence in.

After attempting to cancel her order, which any Foodpanda customer might attest can be an almost impossible task, she took to Instagram to voice her frustrations.

And thus, suck-my-d*ck-gate.

Potentially hacked

Despite the lengthy delivery periods that Foodpanda might subject one to sometimes, their customer service has for the most part been quite commendable.

So, hurling vulgarities at a customer seems quite off-brand for them.

This might be due to the fact that they perhaps got hacked?

Here’s their Instagram account:

Three followers.

Which is a stark departure from their usual 20,000-plus followers.

However, it is weird that a hacker would be concerned about someone screenshotting the conversation.

But then again, it is this sort of behaviour that makes people think it was a genuine @Foodpandsg response, when it is not.

Latest on Instagram

Well, it turns out, Foodpanda’s Instagram has indeed been compromised.

This is how it looked on July 15, 2019, just before noon:


There are only 55 followers left on the Foodpanda Instagram account and the handle has been renamed “OSAMA (@foodpandasg).

The Singapore Young Lions football club was previously also hacked by what appears to be the same group, @facrty:

S’pore’s Young Lions Instagram account hacked, name changed to “OSAMA”

We have reached out to Foodpanda for comment.

Image from Gadula’s Instagram

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