Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao worries fans with latest 'sleeptalking' video

Hope she's really okay.

Zhangxin Zheng| July 22, 11:05 AM

Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao was one of the most successful Mandopop divas in the noughties.

However, in 2017, she took a sudden hiatus due to health concerns.

Since then, 39-year-old Hsiao has been posting photos occasionally on her Instagram.

Worrying 'sleeptalking' video

In her latest Instagram post on July 18, Hsiao posted a video of her looking dishevelled and drowsy.

She shared that she had woken up early that day and she was in Beijing.

Hsiao apparently dozed off after saying that and, jolting awake a few seconds later.

She continued saying that she really missed her furkids and she would slowly let herself be happier, a version of herself that she wants to see again.

Hsiao then appeared to be fighting back tears and said she was really sleepy before dozing off and waking up abruptly a few seconds later.

Here's the video:

Here's a translation of the caption:

"It's midnight and I miss my furkids so much, but I'm hungry and I'll go to sleep after I finish eating. Bye."

Concerns over her mental health

The post again sparked many followers' concerns over Hsiao's health.

Many comments showed support for her but some speculated that she was drunk or high on drugs.

Screenshot from Elva Hsiao's Instagram.

Screenshot from Elva Hsiao's Instagram.

Screenshot from Elva Hsiao's Instagram.


Following the hullabaloo caused by the video, Hsiao's managing agency came forward to issue a clarification.

The agency said that Hsiao got to know that her dog(s) was/were unwell while working in Beijing.

Therefore, she was really anxious and worried about them, adding on to the fact that she was half-asleep in the video.

Hsiao has two dogs:

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I’m so thankful to everyone that has been supporting me when I’m feeling under the weather. I’ll be back soon I promise. PS these two know how to cheer me up now❤️

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Hsiao also responded that she had actually been really happy that day.

In a handwritten note, she wrote that she had just watched U.S. sitcom Friends.

However, she also shared a handwritten note:


"Dear All, this is my handwritten note, yesterday I was really happy because I watched "Friends". I thought to myself, if I have forgotten the humour I had when I was young that made my family smile, what about you, me, him and her?"

Despite the clarification, Hsiao's posts have no doubt been rather emotional in the past year although she is working on a comeback.

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Miss me ?? I miss ME 🎊

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Notably, she also refuted rumours about her having AIDS earlier in May after keeping quiet for a while about this as she thought she could laugh it off.

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原本以為謠言止於智者,也相信沉默是金的道理!所以對於之前網路有關愛滋病的謠傳,我是一笑置之的。 但在我最思念母親時的 母親節的當天,又有媒體不經求證,寫了相關的報導;讓我既難過又覺得對不起媽媽,因為這個謠言已不只是對我的傷害,更是對我母親的傷害 ! 當已變成沉默是「驚」的時候, 我決定為了我母親,不再沉默!我決定對所有不經求證的媒體,進行名譽訴訟,希望大家不要再傷害我的母親! 我也會想盡一切辦法找到造謠的源頭,因為躲在鍵盤後面的你,不被制止,會有更多無辜的人受到傷害。 最後,我又何嘗不想儘快帶好的表演給大家,但這一年來我的喉嚨與胃的不舒服,造成的嘔吐等症狀 ;醫生說只能慢慢調理,所以我只能耐心且 努力的,讓自己趕快好起來。謝謝所有支持我的歌迷!不要擔心 love ❤️ Elva🥳

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