S$17,500 Cristofori ‘smart piano’ has 7 pedals, KTV system, touch screen & more

It even has WiFi.

Mandy How | July 2, 12:26 pm


Cristofori has launched a smart piano at its Funan Mall outlet.

Image via Cristofori Singapore

Called iNSPIRE Pi120E, the piano reportedly allows you to learn, practice, and perform in an entirely new way.

It can also entertain you.

4k HD touch screen

Image via Cristofori Singapore

One of its main features is the 4K HD touch screen panel, which gives the player “full accessibility” to thousands of music apps and an unlimited library.

The piano is also equipped with WiFi, HDMI, and USB — which means you can record your performance and even stream it live.

You can also participate in online learning, or self-learn with the piano.

Seven pedals

But what is most intriguing is perhaps the seven pedals, instead of the usual three.

The pedals act as a page turner, menu navigator, music tempo controller, music volume controller, or as expression pedals (sostenuto, sustain, or soft).

If you can’t play the piano but insist on having one, this smart piano won’t go to waste.

The automated piano can play on its own, accompanied by a built-in live band.

Just like a CD player. Wow.

Here’s a video of the piano by Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sales:

The is the piano’s first appearance in the world outside of Shanghai.

The retail price for sleek instrument is S$17,500, but early (and rich) birds can get it for S$14,999.

Top image via Cristofori Singapore and Singapore Atrium Sale

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