Cotton On S’pore has stopped giving out plastic bags, charges S$0.10 for each paper bag

Good on them.

Ashley Tan | July 15, 2019 @ 06:58 pm


It seems that more fashion retailers are taking sustainability seriously.

In a bid to eliminate plastic packaging by 2025, H&M Singapore just announced on July 15, 2019 that they would be charging S$0.10 for every plastic bag.

Customers would now have to bring their own reusable bag, or purchase one in-store.

H&M S’pore to charge S$0.10 for every plastic bag starting July 25, 2019

Another popular fashion retailer, Cotton On, has kicked their sustainability efforts up a notch since June 2019.

Only paper bags at Cotton On

The fashion chain has apparently ceased giving out plastic bags for some time now, replacing them with paper bags instead.

Additionally, customers are charged an extra S$0.10 for each paper bag used, but are encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bag.

According to a query Mothership made with Cotton On, this move has been extended to all outlets island-wide, and include other brands within the Cotton On Group such as Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Typo and Rubi.

This is also a global initiative, with all Cotton On group brands in Asia, including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand eliminating plastic in their stores and introducing paper bag charges as well, Cotton On responded to Mothership.

Photo from Saida Tun Najat / FB

This eco-friendly strategy is part of Cotton On’s bigger sustainable initiative named ‘The Good‘.

As part of the initiative, the fashion retailer is in the midst of transitioning its network of outlets across 18 countries to switch out plastic bags for 100 per cent recyclable paper bags.

This switch would reportedly save 38 million single-use plastic shopping bags annually.

Cotton On also plans to produce its clothes using 100 per cent sustainable cotton by 2021.


Top photo from InSing.com and Saida Tun Najat / FB

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