S’pore dance instructor matched with restaurant owner on dating show. Turns out she was allegedly attached.

Oh no.

Zhangxin Zheng | July 20, 11:53 am


The Destined One, a reality dating show, recently started airing on Channel 8 after casting an open call for participants in February.

Channel 8’s latest reality dating show seeking contestants, here’s how you can apply

The show, having finished three episodes, has successfully matched three couples.

However, one of the couples is apparently facing a tricky love triangle.

Female contestant was already attached

The second episode of The Destined One featured 46-year-old Francis Ng along with four other male contestants.

Ng is also the founder of House of Seafood, a seafood restaurant in Punggol.

Screenshot from Toggle.

Ng was matched with 33-year-old Meisin Tan, a music and dance instructor.

Screenshot from Toggle.
Screenshot from Toggle.

According to a July 18 Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) report, Ng has been meeting up frequently with Tan after recording that episode and both of them get along very well.

However, the same report alleged that Tan was already attached during the show.

SMDN quoted an anonymous source (whom we shall call ‘Z’) who claimed to have known Tan for years.

Z also claimed to have been introduced to Tan’s boyfriend on a previous occasion by Tan herself.

According to SMDN, Z was disappointed by how the TV show selected its contestants.

Z also provided SMDN with Tan’s boyfriend’s name as well as several photos of the couple, including one with the family and another taken at Karen Mok’s recent Singapore concert.

If you head over to Tan’s Instagram page, you’ll find several photos taken at Mok’s concert:

Prior to that post, Tan also posted a group photo at House of Seafood with Ng:

According to Z, Tan and her boyfriend are still together.

Z also shared that Tan’s friends were taken aback when they watched the show. As such, Z felt that the show went against what it set out to achieve.

Responses from Mediacorp and contestants

When SMDN reached out to Tan, she said that the incident has affected her personal life and requested the reporter not to bring this up anymore.

Tan, who was overseas with her mother, was not willing to share further.

On the other hand, Ng told SMDN that it was not convenient for him to address their questions as he was in China.

When asked if the production team did confirm that all the show contestants were single, Mediacorp said that all participating contestants have to be unmarried.

According to Mediacorp, Tan confirmed that she was unmarried before the shoot.

Z, however, told SMDN that participants who are already attached should not be accepted for this dating show.

Top photo collage from Toggle screengrab

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