S’pore barber trims Ashley Young’s hair twice in 3 days, describes him as down-to-earth & considerate

"He legit has a head full of hair"

Zhangxin Zheng | July 22, 07:29 pm


Many Manchester United fans tried their best to catch their favourite players up close over the weekend.

However, one Muhammad Khairi probably got quite the exclusive session with his favourite club’s players.

Local barber cuts hair for Manchester United players

Khairi has been a professional barber at The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop at Haji Lane for over six years.

It was a dream-come-true experience when he received a message request from Ashley Young to head down to Ritz Carlton hotel to cut hair for the players.

Young apparently got the recommendation from one of Khairi’s regulars.

That’s when he got to cut hair for Young, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Marcos Rojo and Joel Pereira.

Screenshot from Muhammad Khairi’s Instagram.
Screenshot from Muhammad Khairi’s Instagram.

Speaking to Mothership, Khairi shared that the players asked for a skinned fade on the sides and back.

He added that they were “friendly and nice, just like old-time friends who can talk about everything and anything”.

While Khairi rejected their payment, Young offered him tickets to watch the match on Saturday where the team won against Inter Milan 1:0.

Particularly on Young, Khairi described him as someone who was really comfortable to be with as he was “really, really down-to-earth”.

Khairi also shared that he tried his best to keep his excitement in check, and stay calm and professional.

Screenshot from The ‘A’ Street Barber Shop’s Instagram.

Khairi also asked Young how he dealt with the criticism and the latter said that “it is something that comes with the job and he just tries to ignore it”.

Haircut for Young after booing incident at the match

On Saturday (July 20), Young texted Khairi ‘Good morning bro Curry (Khairi’s nickname)’ and gave him a heads-up that other players might like a hair cut too before they left Singapore for Shanghai to continue the tour. 

Khairi had his tools prepared even though he was out with his family on Sunday (July 21), keeping in mind what Young said.

Indeed, Young texted him again on Sunday and agreed to an appointment at 9pm.

“He texted me in the afternoon, I was with my family and he insisted that I stayed and not take me away from my family. I told him I will be free later and I can be there at 9pm for his appointment. So he did the necessary arrangements for me to get to the “barber’s room” at 9pm.”

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Last one before they leave for Shanghai. ✌

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When asked about Young’s reaction to the booing, Khairi said that he apologised for it as soon as Young sat on the chair but did not dwell further.

 “He is a guest to our country, and I believe we should treat and host our guests right. I stop talking about it after.”

In response, Young assured him that it was alright.

Young also dedicated a post thanking Singapore for the warm welcome after the match:

On a lighter note, one might be surprised why someone with a shaved head needs a hair cut again after just two days.

Khairi shared that he was also surprised by how quickly Young’s hair grows.

“In two days, it was like how I first cut for him on that Friday night. I took about an hour and my usual haircut takes 30 to 40 minutes max. So he legit has a head full of hair and he needs the trim every few days.”

Here’s a post from Khairi after his surreal experience over the weekend:

Top photo collage from Khairi’s and Ashley Young’s Instagrams

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