Amazon Japan sells S$62 chest padding for those who want to look ripped without gymming

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Tanya Ong | July 11, 2019, 06:05 PM

There are no shortcuts to getting a ripped body.

There is, however, a life-hack for those who want to appear ripped.

Enter this innovative product from Japan, which can be found on Amazon Japan:

Photo via Amazon Japan.

Chest plate

Sold by Cholmo, this product appears to be some form of padding that is meant to be worn underneath the clothes.

It supposedly gives the illusion that one has a muscular chest.

Here are some examples for illustrative purposes:

Photo via Amazon Japan.

Photo via Amazon Japan.

Photo via Amazon Japan.

Ships to Singapore

The product comes in two colours: black and beige.

Photo via Amazon Japan.

The beige one costs 4,980 yen (S$62.40) while the black one costs 5,580 yen (S$69.90).

Chest sponges can also be purchased separately, and cost S$10 per pair.

Four customers who purchased the item also appeared to be very satisfied with the product, with all four rating the product five stars:

Shipping to Singapore is available. Here's how you can ship to Singapore.

Top photo via Amazon Japan