S’pore to be one of the filming locations for HBO’s Westworld season 3

We always suspected there were robots walking around in Singapore.

Olivia Lin | June 16, 2019 @ 01:49 pm


Word has been going around for a while about the possibility of the third season of HBO’s Westworld being filmed in Singapore.

But it looks like it might not just be a rumour after all.

Hints dropped everywhere

One of the first hints came from a trailer uploaded to HBO’s Youtube page on May 19, 2019.

It includes a brief scene of Singapore’s skyline, where the Maybank Tower and HSBC building can be seen.

Screengrab from Youtube / HBO

And on June 1, 2019, Singapore-based entertainment agency Fly Entertainment posted a casting call on its Facebook page, looking for talents to be part of a HBO production.

Photo from Facebook / Fly Entertainment

Scenes with lead actors included

Six characters were listed in the casting call, including roles like diplomat, fishermen, and embassy attendant. It also stated that the scenes will include the lead actors.

The casting director listed was John Papsidera, who is the casting director of Westworld.

Ed Harris, who plays “The Man in Black” on Westworld, told Huffington Post in an interview that shooting for the third season is supposed to start in June 2019.

Coincidentally, the shoot dates for Fly Entertainment’s casting call is from July 1-9, 2019, close to the June 2019 date.

And if we need further confirmation of this, a HBO spokesperson confirmed with Straits Times (ST) on June 13 that Singapore will be one of the filming locations for the third season of Westworld.

Looks like Singapore is becoming a popular filming location for overseas productions these days.

Top photo collage from Fly Entertainment and The Daily Beast

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