Cambodian dad weaves son a school bag using raffia string as he couldn’t afford one

Parenting wins.

Tanya Ong | June 18, 2019 @ 06:18 pm


Parents always want the best for their children.

According to a Facebook post shared on June 17 by one Sophous Suon, a father in Cambodia appears to be no exception — besides going the extra mile.

Woven school bag

The post shows several photos of an unconventional school bag, which appears to have been methodically woven using blue raffia string.

Here are some photos of it:

Photo via FB/Sophous Suon

It has two black straps, and a buckle to secure the front flap:

Photo via FB/Sophous Suon
Photo via FB/Sophous Suon
Photo via FB/Sophous Suon
Photo via FB/Sophous Suon

According to the photos shared, the backpack is sturdy enough to hold several books:

Photo via FB/Sophous Suon
Photo via FB/Sophous Suon

The photos were circulated in the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group with a caption describing how the backpack was supposedly woven by the boy’s father, who could not afford to buy his son a backpack.

Screengrab from Facebook.

This is the original post, which has since gone viral with over 5,500 shares:


Top photo composite image, all photos via FB/Sophous Suon

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