Taiwan man peed & pooped in apartment water tank for a year to get back at neighbours

His neighbours noticed that the tap water had a foul smell.

Tanya Ong | June 20, 2019, 03:17 PM

One man in Taiwan was reportedly so upset by his neighbours that he got back at them by urinating and defecating in the apartment's water tank.

CCTV footage revealed him climbing up to water tank

According to EBC News, some residents living in an apartment building in Taichung, Taiwan, noticed their tap water had a foul smell.

Some of them also fell ill and suffered from allergies after drinking the water.

CCTV footage revealed that a man had been climbing up a ladder to the apartment's water tank. The footage showed him holding a plastic bag while doing so.

CCTV footage, screengrab via YouTube.

CCTV footage, screengrab via YouTube.

The building management subsequently lodged a police report.

The 69-year-old man, known as Lin, reportedly urinated, defecated and bathed in the water tank between July 2017 and 2018, according to Asiaone.

He was said to do so approximately once a month.

When a sample of the water was tested, laboratory results revealed that there was a high level of ammonia in the water.

When confronted by his neighbours, he apparently told them: "You should count yourselves fortunate that you weren't poisoned to death".

Dispute with neighbours

Apparently, Lin did so because he was angry at his neighbours.

It was reported that Lin had leased part of his home to telco companies in order for them to place their base stations. The telco companies had installed the equipment without informing his neighbours.

In 2017, his neighbours lodged a report and managed to get the equipment removed, causing Lin to be upset by the loss of income.

Apart from tainting the water supply, Lin was also found to have damaged the lift control panel as well as the building's water pipes.

For his offences, Lin was sentenced to 20 months' jail and a fine of NT$160,000 (about S$7000).

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