Japanese company introduces insanely cute Snorlax sofa

Damn cute.

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 17, 10:10 pm


This is Snorlax.

It is low-key one of the most marketable Pokemon in an ever expanding cavalcade of merchandise.

As such:

Snorlax bedroom slippers that snore when you walk in them

S’pore man buys 3 life-sized Snorlax plushies thinking it was regular-sized, wife not happy at all

This Snorlax cushion is so huge, people are having trouble bringing it into their homes

Well now, there’s yet another Snorlax-themed product to gush over.


Cellutane, the Japanese furniture company that created a bread-shaped sofa, is back at it again.

Here’s their Snorlax sofa.

Image from Cellutane

Damn cute.

Here’s how you are supposed to relax on the Snorlax sofa.

Image from Cellutane
Image from Cellutane

Here’s a nice little Pokeball to rest your feet on.

Image from Cellutane

Here are the specs of the Snor-fa and Pokeball cushion.

Image from Cellutane

And here is how you show three of your friends how much better than them you are.

Image from Cellutane

Here are the prices.

Image from Cellutane

The sofa and Pokeball set will cost you 34,599 Yen (S$436.54) while the Snorlax sofa alone is 24,800 Yen (S$312.90).

However, it doesn’t appear to be shipping to Singapore anytime soon.


Images from Cellutane

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