S'pore family of 87 has been wearing the same colour for Hari Raya since 2010

Very wholesome.

Fasiha Nazren| June 12, 11:02 AM

It's common to see families donning baju kurungs of similar colours on Hari Raya.

But this extended family takes it to the next level.

On June 9, one Endy Othman tweeted a collage of his maternal extended family's Hari Raya gatherings since 2011.

The entire big family would be sporting the same colour in every yearly photo.

How it started

While the photo collage started in 2011, the tradition takes root way back in 2003 — the year Endy's sister got married.

"Her wedding was held on the third week of Syawal (the month of Hari Raya according to the Islamic lunar calendar) and we had the whole family wearing the same outfit for our Hari Raya outing when we went out on the first week. The idea was to save cost since Hari Raya outfits are flamboyant and costly."

Photo courtesy of Endy Othman

However, it was only in 2010 when the entire family started to have a yearly vote on what colour to wear together for the festive occasion.

They continued with the tradition because to them, it serves as a reminder that they belong to the same roots and unites them at least once a year.

Consists of 26 families

In case you're wondering exactly how many people there are in Endy's family, he explains that the family currently has three generations.

Consisting of 26 smaller families, Endy shared that there were 87 of them pictured in the photo from 2019.

Photo courtesy of Endy Othman

Despite the large number, the family doesn't face problems organising themselves since they meet up pretty often:

"We have monthly family meetings where we will gather at one of our houses. That's when we will usually discuss family affairs, mostly about Hari Raya or leisure activities."

Family t-shirts as well

With over 2,000 retweets and likes on the viral tweet, Endy's family seem to have inspired other Singaporeans to do the same with their family.

"We have had friends who shared that they were inspired to do the same for their families in the coming years."

And while you think that this tradition happens only during the festive season, it seems like having a uniform is going to be a norm for them.

"Just last year, we made our own family t-shirt and put it on when we went to Malacca for a short trip. Imagine a bus full of us all looking alike filling up the hotel lobby!"

Top image courtesy of Endy Othman