S'pore commuter expresses gratitude to 2 strangers who helped with injuries during peak hour

Small acts of kindness can be life-changing.

Mandy How | June 11, 2019, 10:39 PM

On June 10, a Reddit user going by the name of sallyg149 (henceforth Sally) wrote about how she injured herself on the way to work, but received unexpected help from two other commuters.

Titled "A small act goes a long way. Thank you for those that helped me this morning", the post expresses Sally's gratitude, especially since the incident occurred during peak hour.

Without their help, she wrote, things would have been a lot worse.

1) Falling on the escalator

The first person to help her was a man who stabilised her after a fall on the escalator.

As Sally was rushing up the escalator, she tripped and fell forward.

She then got dragged along the sidewall of the escalator, which almost caused her to fall backwards.

Thankfully, the man lent her a helping hand before she lost her balance again.

Embarrassed, she stood up and thanked the man before rushing for the train.

2) Dripping with blood

After the accident, Sally realised that she was sweating a good amount, which doesn't usually happen.

Confused, she looked down at the floor and saw blood dripping all over the floor.

Sally then realised that her fingers had been deeply cut by the escalator's jagged edges, but couldn't do anything to stop the bleeding.

Just as she was looking around to see if anyone have tissue papers, a woman took hers out and passed it to Sally without her asking.

As the wound continued to bleed, the same lady kindly took out more tissue papers to help Sally.

After Sally alighted from the train, she felt that her hearing was going out and she was seeing white spots so she went for a check-up before heading home to rest.

Not turning a blind eye

Sally ended her post saying that she would remember their gestures for a "long time".

"I just really am so grateful to these two people that helped me.

If the man didn't stabilise me, I would've probably suffered a much worse fall. I could have fallen much at a much greater height and causing other people harm as well, if I ever fell on them.

As well as for the woman who gave me her tissues willingly, because I wouldn't know how to stop the wound from bleeding if it weren't for her."

You can read her full post here.

Top image by cegoh via Pixabay