Otters caught in typical S'pore CBD traffic during morning peak hour

Need a lift, otters?

Zhangxin Zheng | June 13, 2019, 06:38 PM

Traffic is typically slow-moving in Singapore's Central Business District during weekdays peak hour.

However, an otter family's surprise appearance made those caught in the jam feel better in the morning as they scuttled about.

Otter family caught in CBD traffic jam

A family of six, known as the Zouk 6, was sighted on Anson Road in CBD on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

In a video circulated online, the otters were seen huddling together as they appeared disorientated outside the vicinity of International Plaza.

A security guard and a passer-by then stood on the road to prevent any cars from running the otters over.

The security guard was spotted waving and directing the otters back onto the pedestrian path.

The otters subsequently followed the security guard's instruction and left the busy road.

The video also showed a crowd of bystanders holding their phones up to capture this sight.

The otters continued to seek their way out of this unfamiliar environment and a couple of them was spotted jumping into the bushes to escape public attention.

Possibly lost their way while navigating in canal systems

A local Facebook page that follows otters around, Ottercity, identified the otters to be the Zouk 6 family that consists of three adults and three juveniles.

The page also updated that the otter watchers and NParks personnel were on site to find the otters and monitor the situation.

However, they did not spot the family in the vicinity later.

The page also explained that the otters could have lost their way while navigating around the drainage and canal systems in the area.

Zouk 6, a family which got its name for living under Jiak Kim bridge near Zouk, is known to be rather agile and intelligent.

Earlier in March, they were spotted taking the make-shift staircase to leave their holt:

Top photo collage from above video screengrab from WhatsApp