Stray Japanese cat who spent 2 years trying to enter museum finds forever home

Ken-chan is all by himself now. Or is he?

Guan Zhen Tan | June 6, 03:58 pm


You might recall two very persistent kitties trying to get into the Onomichi City Museum of Art in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan.

2 kitties have been trying, & failing, to enter a museum in Japan for 2 years

1 of the 2 kitties attempting to break into the Japanese museum finally makes it through

Since 2016, their antics have captured the imagination of fans around the world, and the two have continued to attempt charming their way into the museum.

However, for ginger tabby Go-chan, it seems that his museum-visiting days are over for now.

A new home

From May 17-18, the museum’s twitter account had uploaded a few tweets that hinted at Go-chan’s departure from the museum area.

Then came the news on late May 18: Go-chan had found a new place to call home.

Before he left, however, he was let into the museum briefly, a bittersweet ending to his adventures here.

According to the museum’s tweet, Go-chan was introduced on the museum’s Twitter account two years ago, in hopes of contacting his owner.

Ken-chan is also a resident cat of a nearby restaurant, but no owner came forward to claim Go-chan, until his current owner adopted him.

A familiar face

Go-chan will be greatly missed at the museum — so much so that one particular cat came to comfort the staff on June 4.

She’s a familiar sight to the staff, it seems.

The museum says that this particular kitty, whose name is Kuu-chan, is like a mother to the two museum cats.

Though she has already spent several years living in a house elsewhere, staff felt that she must have come over to cheer them up.

Whether Kuu-chan will be Ken’s latest playmate or rival is uncertain, but everyone will definitely miss the playful ginger cat.

Sayonara for now, Go-chan!

Image via bijutsu1’s Twitter

Top image adapted via Bijutsu1’s Twitter

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