Someone in S'pore tried renting 2-hour platonic date from Maybe app for pure, clean fun

Is it worth it?

Guan Zhen Tan | June 07, 2019, 12:40 AM

A Singapore dating app called Maybe has been started to allow its users to rent a date.

For those of you who are curious as to how the app works and the type of dates it can offer, i.e. pure platonic company or a shadow of an escort service, someone has tried it and made a video about it.

S$150 date

Well, it appears it is more of the former -- at least according to a local YouTuber Umehara Keiji, who tried the app out by renting a girl friend.

In his video, Umehara spent some time explaining how Maybe works and the expected price range for dates, where the most expensive date is S$300 for two hours.

He eventually settled for the middle ground and selected a S$150 for two hours date -- all for a video.

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

He picked this particular lady, who went by the name Kae.


When Kae arrived, they spoke briefly about the app, and she explained that her experience has been quite normal so far.

This is despite some awkward situations where users have attempted to get her number or have her invite them home.

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

After the initial chat, Umehara planned to take her to a Japanese restaurant for lunch, but he found out that she does not eat Japanese food, specifically raw food.

Umehara then turned to "Plan C", and they ate at the casual dining restaurant Saizeriya.

He paid for her lunch, as Maybe users are supposed to take care of the rented date's expenses.

Another condition is that the date has to take place in a public place.

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Subsequently, Umehara took her to play Korean Pool at Thirsty4Balls, where they also took photos together.

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Interestingly, Kae mentioned after the pool activity that what Umehara did was actually not very common, as most people would book her services just to accompany them for dinner in those two hours her services are required.

She even gave Umehara an eight out of 10 score for the date, explaining that she didn't feel awkward and it was easy to talk to him.

She also reiterated that the Maybe app is not shady, and is just a side gig for service providers to earn a bit of money when they have the time.

Umehara also felt that the time with his date was well spent, and that getting to know her and why she did this was an eye-opener for him -- considering both of them are from very different walks of life.


Comments on Umehara's video weren't so warm, however.

They focused on the date's physical appearance and how it is different rom her profile photo.

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Screenshot via Umehara Keiji’s Youtube video

Well, if money is not a main consideration when booking such a short date in the first place, guess users can just try again.

And again.

Top image adapted via Umehara Keiji's Youtube video