Kopi Siew Dai pie now available at Burger King S’pore outlets for S$1.20

Breakfast and dessert in one item.

Mandy How | June 18, 05:32 pm


If you enjoyed the Teh Tarik pie, Burger King has a new item that you may be interested in: The Kopi Siew Dai pie.

Kopi Siew Dai translates to “coffee less sweet”, in case you’ve always wondered.

The pie is available for S$1.20.

Photo via Burger King Singapore

Another new item is the chilli cheese bites, which are nuggets of cheese, Jalapeno, and green bell peppers.

Photo via Burger King Singapore

The snack, which is priced at S$3.50, is coated with batter and deep fried.

You can check where your nearest Burger King outlet is here.

Top image via Burger King Singapore

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