Jewel Changi Airport confirms woman was injured on sky nets, urges visitors to be careful

The operations at Canopy Park are being monitored, and safety procedures will be refined accordingly.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 16, 2019 @ 12:20 pm


A woman recently injured herself at one of the latest attractions in Jewel Changi Airport.

Woman sustains deep cut on finger after allegedly falling on sky nets at Jewel Changi Airport

First aid administered immediately

A spokesperson from Jewel Changi Airport verified that the accident happened on June 14, 2019, at around 5.05pm, and they “regret the guest’s unfortunate experience”.

The lady was said to have tripped while walking, and fell forward onto the nets.

Fortunately, first aid was immediately administered and her wound was attended to by an attraction ranger on duty.

The spokesperson added that Jewel Changi Airport urged visitors to “stay aware of their personal safety” while having fun.

Safety measures at the Canopy Park

The spokesperson also elaborated on the safety measures that they have implemented or trialled prior to the opening of Canopy Park on June 10, 2019.

These include safety tests and certification of material used for attractions like the sky nets.

There are safety advisories on the attire, appropriate behaviour, height limits and the requirement for adult supervision for children aged below 12 years old.

The number of people allowed into each attraction is also regulated, and there will always be rangers on duty to render help.

The spokesperson also shared that they are still monitoring the operations at Canopy Park and will refine the procedures accordingly.

Here’s the full statement from the spokesperson of Jewel Changi Airport:

We confirmed that a female guest who was on the walking net attraction tripped while walking and fell forward at around 5.05pm on 14 June 2019. First aid was immediately administered by the attraction ranger on duty.

We regret the guest’s unfortunate experience and we urge all guests to stay aware of their personal safety whilst having fun at the attractions.

Since the opening of Canopy Park, we are constantly monitoring the ground operations, including refining operational procedures, to ensure that our guests continue to have an enjoyable time at Jewel.

The attractions at Canopy Park have undergone numerous safety tests including certification of material used, before they are certified safe for operations. There are safety advisories and on-ground reminders by our rangers who are stationed at all the attractions, regarding proper footwear, appropriate behaviour, minimum height requirement and adult supervision for young children. At the same time, the number of people allowed into each attraction is regulated to ensure safety is not compromised.

Rangers stationed at the attractions are trained to keep a vigilant watch on all guests especially children. Besides the entrance and exit, there are also rangers stationed on the walking net at all times to render assistance to our guests. Hence it is not uncommon to see our rangers walking hand in hand with guests who may require assistance during their experience on the walking net.

We will continue to monitor the ground closely and wish to offer our guests an enjoyable visit to Jewel each and every time.

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