Japan's top male host reportedly makes over S$526,000 in one month

Roland in money.

Melanie Lim | Nyi Nyi Thet | June 30, 2019, 06:49 PM

One unique aspect of Japanese culture is their host clubs, where men and women get to befriend and be entertained by "hosts".

Activities customers can take part in include drinking, flirting and engaging in conversations with hosts.

The amount of money a customer spends on a host determines how much money these hosts can make, so it's extremely important for hosts to be well-liked by their patrons.

King of the Hosts: Roland

Every once in a while, a "King of the Hosts" is crowned, indicating the male host who is most popular amongst women.

A 26-year-old man from Tokyo named Roland is the reigning king at this moment:

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Quitting school and starting out

Roland first started working at host clubs when he was 18, just after he dropped out of a well-known Tokyo University.

He reportedly quit school because he could not imagine a future working in a corporation, for measly wages.

When Roland first started out as a host, he struggled to find patrons.

However, he never gave up and continued improving himself, gradually honing his personality and flirting skills.

He also went under the knife a lot of times.

Becoming Japan's highest paid host

Roland has come a long way from his years of struggling.

For his birthday in 2017, his patrons reportedly spent 10 million yen (S$125,380.89) on him in just three hours.

According to a 2018 Japan Today article, he was raking in as much as 42 million yen (S$526,599.72) a month by managing one of the most popular host clubs in Kabukicho, Tokyo.

To maintain his looks, Roland spends hours at the gym everyday and undergoes cosmetic procedures every month:

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He has reportedly spent 10 million yen (S$125,380.89) on cosmetic procedures like double eyelid surgery and nasal reshaping, and spends around 200,000 yen (S$2507.62) a month on maintenance.

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The high fees he spends on maintenance is considered a necessity by Roland, as he apparently saw his earnings double once he underwent the surgical procedures.

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Mainstream success

Even though Roland might have earned a lot of money from simply working as a host, the past few years have given him a boost in terms of his income and mainstream appeal.

TV interviews and numerous articles have all propelled him towards even more fame and fortune.

According to Soranews, Roland now has his own (really tiny) S$662 hair product, a S$100 hangover cure, and even his very own museum exhibition.

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Which of course, has plenty of merchandise.

Image from PR Times

Just another level now.

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