Woman sustains deep cut on finger after allegedly falling on sky nets at Jewel Changi Airport


Zhangxin Zheng | June 16, 2019 @ 10:34 am


The Canopy Park in Jewel Changi Airport opened on June 10, 2019, offering a variety of fun attractions.

S$4.50 to enter Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport from June 10, 4 free attractions & 5 ticketed ones

However, one should definitely take note of safety while trying them out.

An alleged accident on Manulife Sky Nets – Walking

A visitor, June Neo, shared her experience on Facebook on June 15 to warn other visitors to be careful while walking on one of the Manulife Sky Nets, which are suspended across a five-storey high void.

Here’s an image of the attraction:

Image from Jewel Changi Airport.

Neo claimed that she fell on the nets as her foot was stuck in the gap between the ropes.

[WARNING: Graphic images ahead]

She landed on the ropes which supposedly cut her hand as well as causing slight abrasions and bruises on her limbs.

Photo from June Neo’s Facebook post.

In a video shared by Neo, also on Facebook, her finger appeared to have bled profusely from the deep cut.

Fortunately, she was wearing long pants which protected her legs from any further injuries.

Therefore, Neo recommended that visitors wear long pants for this activity at the Canopy Park.

Neo also thanked a first aider at Jewel Changi Airport for providing prompt help.

Photo from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Photo from June Neo’s Facebook post.

Neo also updated in response to some comments that the wound still hurts but she is generally alright.

Here’s her full post:

Safety concerns

The Facebook post has since garnered more than 2,500 shares in less than a day.

The size of the reaction suggests that people are concerned about the safety aspects of this attraction.

While some acknowledged that such activities will inevitably involve safety risks, others also highlighted that the ropes will be less tough and rough after some time of use.

Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.
Screengrab from June Neo’s Facebook post.

Covered shoes recommended

Jewel Changi Airport’s website recommends visitors to the attractions to wear pants or shorts, as well as covered shoes.

Children aged between three and 12 will be allowed to enter with the supervision of an adult.

Mothership.sg has reached out to Jewel Changi Airport for comment.

Top photo collage from June Neo’s Facebook post.

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