Hong Kong people make dank memes to protest extradition law like real democratic people

Finding humour in the darkest places.

Emily Lo | Kayla Wong | June 15, 2019, 12:21 AM

A million Hongkongers were believed to have taken to the streets to protest a proposed extradition law that would allow the transfer of alleged criminals to mainland China.

Second reading delayed but Hong Kong government expected to push bill forward

While the second reading of the bill was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 12, it was postponed on the day itself as tens of thousands of Hongkongers demonstrated again on the streets.

Still, the Hong Kong government is determined to push forward the bill.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said, albeit tearfully, in an interview recorded on Wednesday morning that she would "continue to hold fast to the belief that it is the right thing to do".

Besides gathering in large crowds, the Hong Kong people have taken their fight to the internet via memes that not only express their sentiments towards the much-dreaded bill, but also inject a bit of humour into the otherwise seemingly bleak situation.

Here are some of them.

Call for protests

Image via @hkmehmeh

Describing the actual protests

Image via @memes.hk

The meme uses an old Chinese saying "人山人海" (people mountain people sea) to refer to the number of protestors on Sunday.

Calling out the Hong Kong government for "dog-like" behaviour vis-à-vis Beijing

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On Lam, who's seen as Beijing's "dog"

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"She's Carrie-ing us to our deaths."

On Carrie Lam

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On the Hong Kong police

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A journalist, carrying multiple water bottles, was questioned by the police regarding his intention to attack them.

Many other instances of clashes between the police and the civilians were caught on camera too.

Image via lovelywings/Reddit

"Raptors" is the nickname of riot police in Hong Kong.

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On weird stuff

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The police officer here was having a heated debate with Alvin Yeung, a member of the Legislative Council, over the unlawful searching of bags belonging to a group of young people, when the former suddenly shouted "唔好搞我後面", which implies that someone was touching his back.

However, no one touched him at all, and it was captured on camera.

On the central government in Beijing

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But the meme that says it all is probably this:

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Top image adapted via @memes.hk