Hands-free bubble tea challenge draws hilarious parodies from the less well-endowed


Nyi Nyi Thet | June 24, 2019 @ 08:32 pm


The hands-free milk tea challenge basically involves well-endowed women drinking milk tea while placing the cup atop their chest.

Image from Mmaysk

You get the gist.

The challenge was started in Japan under the “hands-free tapioca challenge” tag.

But just like all Internet trends that appears to limit themselves to certain segments of the population, it soon spread to the entirety of the web.

Everyone else

Instead of acquiescing to the whims of the well-endowed, the Internet is fighting back with clever subversions of the latest Internet challenge.

Handless doesn’t necessarily mean a resting chest platform of course.

As Thai cosplayer Benjaphorn shows.

Image from Benjaphorn
Image from Benjaphorn
Image from Benjaphorn
Image from Benjaphorn
Image from Benjaphorn

Guys got into the game as well.

Both the extremely fit.

And the not-so-toned.

Image from Rocesalyn Daquiz Moriente

Whatever it is, make it chic.

Image from Trendingtopic and Instagram

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