Guy orders extra sweet coffee every day from 7-Eleven staff he has crush on, gets diabetes after 2 years

Fatal attraction.

Mandy How | June 19, 2019, 07:30 PM

A guy in Taiwan claims that he has gotten diabetes from trying to attract his crush's attention.

The incident was posted to Dcard — a Taiwanese forum popular among university students — by the protagonist himself.

Here's the original text (translation below), shared on June 17:













I want to tell you guys

We men have to depend on perseverance when it comes to chasing women

Two years ago

The 7-Eleven store below my house hired a pretty part-timer who was still studying

To attract her attention

I deliberately ordered a latte and added five servings of sugar

She asked: "Wouldn't this be too sweet?"

I coolly replied: "But is it as sweet as you?"

She laughed shyly

From that day onwards, I would ask for five servings of sugar with my latte everyday

No matter rain or shine

Two years later I've gotten diabetes

High-sugar diet

While some forum users have expressed their skepticism at his anecdote, others commented that he needn't actually have drunk the beverage.

As with all stories on the internet, however, it is perhaps best to take it with a pinch of salt.

A number of Taiwanese sites such as ETtoday and UDN reported on thread, though.

Nonetheless, sugar consumption is indirectly linked to the onset of type 2 diabetes, as it affects the body's ability to regulate insulin production.

Insulin allows cells in the muscles, liver, and fat to use glucose as an energy source, as well as balances your blood sugar levels.

Other risks of a high-sugar diet includes obesity, liver disease, and high cholesterol.

Top image via 7-Eleven Taiwan/Facebook