Circus in Germany replaces live animal performances with dazzling 3D holograms

Pretty and cruelty-free.

Ashley Tan| June 04, 05:53 PM

One big top in Germany could mark the start of new-age circuses.

Instead of having animals perform tricks, Circus Roncalli is replacing these performances with three-dimensional holograms instead.

Circus animals usually subjected to much abuse

Numerous circuses have traditionally used wild animals in their performances.

Tigers, horses, lions and elephants are common draws as they are made to perform tricks for the viewing pleasure of audiences.

Photo by Margaret McMullen / Flickr

In the name of entertainment, these animals are often kept captive and subjected to torture and inhumane living conditions.

To reduce the typical mistreatment and abuse of circus animals, Circus Roncalli, which was founded in 1976, decided to eliminate live animal performances from their lineup in 2018.

Very realistic animal holograms

According to Science and Space, Circus Roncalli uses an advanced set of projectors and lasers to project holographic animals to real size.

These holographic animals move around the centre of the circus arena as part of the performance.

With this new technology, creative storytelling can be taken to the next level as well.

They are the first circus in the world to replace animals with holographic images for their performance.

Here are some photos of the performance, which appears to involve various holograms such as elephants, horses and goldfish:

Photo from Circus Roncalli / FB

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Great initiative...Bravo @circustheaterroncalli! _ A German circus replaces captive animals with holograms The use of animals in circuses, a sad spectacle for young and old alike, is well on the way to becoming history. The German circus Roncalli has invested a whopping 500,000 euros to adapt his show to the holographic technique and, thus, never make use of amimals. The result is to offer an experience with fauna, but without harming any living being. The use of animals in circus shows has become a controversial issue because of their wellbeing, health and safety. However, before most European countries began to legislate in favor of animal welfare, a German circus had already found a way for animals to continue being part of their circus shows while respecting their freedom. The circus German 'Circus Roncalli' offers an unforgettable experience with holograms of animals that not only give a sense of reality, but perpetuate circus magic. Via @culturainquieta _ #circus #hologram #holographic #holograms #3D #AR #captiveanimals #captive #animals #animalrights #tech #innovation #ideas #inspiration #circusroncalli #circustheaterroncalli #experience #animalwelfare #storytelling #culturainquieta

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Here's a video about Circus Roncalli and its holograms:

Top photo from Circus Roncalli / FB and Optoma EMEA / YouTube