Din Tai Fung Australia launches giant rainbow Xiao Long Baos for S$9.30 each

Great for the 'gram, great for business.

Mandy How | June 10, 05:30 pm


From now till June 15, Din Tai Fung in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia will be selling giant, rainbow Xiao Long Baos (XLBs) for AUD$9.80 each, which converts to S$9.33.

The colours of the XLBs are inspired by Vivid Sydney, a three-week event that consists of music, light sculptures, and seminars.

Each bao is apparently hand-made and steamed fresh to order.

Expect fillings of seafood and pork swimming in broth, which you can drink up with a straw served alongside the dish.

Here’s how the rainbow XLB will look among other dishes:

And here are more true-to-colour photos by customers:

If you’re curious, here’s how they make it:

The chefs combine rolls of coloured dough and flatten it into a round pastry before wrapping the fillings in it.


Top image via Din Tai Fung Australia’s Instagram

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