DHL truck rams into stationary lorry at Tanah Merah Coast Road, sends 5 men hurtling to the ground

Hope they are alright.

Nyi Nyi Thet | June 27, 03:56 pm


A video circulating on the web shows what appears to be a lorry at Tanah Merah Coast Road getting absolutely battered by a DHL truck.

Here is the video.

In case you can’t see it.

Basically, the events of the video unfolded as such.

There was a stationary lorry.

Image from YouTube Dummytestrom

Followed by a DHL truck coming in out of nowhere, and ramming the seemingly stationary lorry.

This resulted in five passengers at the back flying out of the lorry.

It is not known if there were any severe injuries related to the crash or fall, but most, if not all of the men appear to have gotten up from the fall.

It is also unclear when the incident occurred.

We have reached out to DHL Singapore and will update the story when they get back to us.

Image from YouTube

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