Dad in Eunos builds adorable ‘mini-mart’ with daughter using cardboard & toilet rolls

An idea supported by fellow daddy Pritam Singh.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 5, 12:18 am


Parents in Singapore are coming up with creative ways to spend time with their children.

‘Mini-mart’ made from recyclables

According to a recent Instagram post from the Workers’ Party Secretary-General Pritam Singh, one father has built a lovely ‘mini-mart’ with his daughter in their Eunos home.

The ‘mini-mart’ was made from a huge cardboard box, which was painted in blue and red.

The structure was also decorated with other recyclables such as toilet rolls and food packaging.

When Pritam visited, he said he ‘purchased’ ice cream from the little shop owner, Xin Ying:

Here’s the video and caption in the post if you cannot see it:

“Purchased an ice-cream from Xin Ying for two dollars. She runs a wonderful little shop selling sundry goods in the Eunos constituency of Aljunied GRC and is a most polite young lady. An ambassador for service excellence! 

Daddy Ken shows the way for the rest of us fathers. Instead of turning to gadgets to occupy our little ones, a little imagination and a desire to spend quality time with our children can turn a box into a shop or a spaceship. Fathers, let’s commit to playing a pro-active part in raising our children. And let’s exchange notes and ideas too!

Creative idea for parents

The father who built the mini-mart with his daughter won praises for spending quality time with his child using this creative idea.

Here are some screenshots of the positive comments left on Pritam’s Facebook post.

Here’s another Singaporean who spends time building toys for her kids with recyclables:

Sophia is a S’porean mum who doesn’t buy toys for her children. Here’s how you can be like Sophia.

Top photo from Pritam Singh’s Facebook

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