Japanese dessert shop in tiffany blue Bugis shophouse sells ‘bubble waffles’ & ice-cream

Pending halal certification.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 26, 2019 @ 01:38 pm


Asian Rad Afters is a dessert shop from Osaka, Japan, that sells bubble waffles.

Its first outlet in Singapore opened on June 19, 2019.

This is their only overseas outlet.

Tiffany blue shophouse

The outlet is a shophouse with a distinct tiffany blue exterior in Bali Lane, Bugis.

But it’s not just the exterior — the entire cafe is painted and furnished in tiffany blue with gold accents as well.

Image from Weibo.

Some might say it looks more green than blue.

But still chio.

Image from Weibo.
Image from Weibo.
Image from Weibo.
Image from Weibo.
Image from Weibo.

Super instagrammable cafe to visit if you are looking for somewhere to hang out this weekend.

However, it does not look like a big place, so we foresee a rather tight squeeze in the shop.

Image from Asian Rad Afters Instagram.

Bubble waffles

The cafe offers a variety of bubble waffles cost around S$12 to S$13.

Kaya, instead of custard, is used to make the waffles in Singapore.

There are also two flavours exclusive to Singapore ⁠— Peranakan Road and Little SouQ, which costs S$12.50 and S$13 respectively.

Little SouQ is a scoop of Thai tea ice cream wrapped in chocolate bubble waffle and finished off with several toppings.

Here’s how it looks:

Image from Asian Rad Afters Instagram.
Image from Asian Rad Afters Instagram.

Peranakan Road consists of a scoop of coconut ice cream wrapped in bubble waffles and some tropical fruit toppings.

Image from Asian Rad Afters Facebook.

The cafe also offers ice tea at S$4.80, fruit cup at S$8.50, and ice-cream in single and double scoops at S$4.50 and S$8.50 respectively.

There are four different flavours of ice tea — Princess Yang Kweifei, Kuta Beach, Arabian Nights, Bonsai Citrus (from left to right).

Image from Asian Rad Afters Facebook.

Image from Asian Rad Afters Facebook.

Where to go

Address: 33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11:30am – 7pm

The cafe is closed on every Monday and Tuesday but opens on public holidays.

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