Group of BTS fans organises food donation drive to commemorate boyband's 6th anniversary


Matthias Ang | June 09, 2019, 02:49 PM

The anniversary of K-pop sensation BTS (Bangtan Boys) is coming up on June 13.

And fans of the group, known as ARMYs (Adorable Representative MC for Youth), have been stepping up to the occasion by doing some good.

Organising a food and donation drive

On June 8, a Twitter account by the handle of @btsborahaeteam tweeted photos of a food and donation drive by BTS fans that had been organised in collaboration with Food Bank Singapore.

According to an earlier tweet on June 1, a total of 136 food bundles were distributed, put together with some S$2,050 in donations.

The fans came together to pack the bundles at Moral Seniors Activity Centre at Bedok North.

Source: BTS Borahaeteam Twitter

Photos from a separate tweet suggested that these were distributed to people living in flats.

Source: BTS Borahaeteam Twitter

In total, the campaign appears to have run for about three months, given that it was first announced by the Borahae Team on March 5.

Fandom harnessed for good

This is not the first time BTS fans in Singapore have organised charity drives.

Earlier, in February, BTS fan group Bulletproof Singapore jointly organised an event called  “A spoonful of Suga and Hope” with SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home to raise money for the elderly.

The event was organised as part of celebrations for the birthdays of J-Hope and Suga, two of the group’s members, and took place in the form of a cafe event that was run by senior citizens, at the Give n Take Cafe in Khatib.

What's in the name Borahae?

You probably might have noticed that the tweets by the Borahae team makes extensive use of purple hearts.

For BTS fans, this comes from a phrase coined by one of its group members, V (Kim Tae-hyung), as a play on the Korean word for purple (bora) and the phrase for "I love you" (saranghae).

Borahae therefore literally translates as "I purple you."

As per Kim's own explanation:

Previously made unsuccessful attempt to raise funds for BTS bus advertisement

Interestingly, the Borahae team previously made an attempt to raise funds for a BTS bus advertisement in May 2017, ahead of the group's August 2017 concert here.

They offered donors a fan pack, with the type of merchandise inside contingent on the amount they donated.

They eventually gave up on the effort in July:

But that's not to say it didn't stop fans from making another similar, and perhaps slightly less ambitious, attempt this year, that was eventually pulled off successfully.

Top image from BTS Borahaeteam Twitter