Here’s what you need to know about % Arabica, opening in Arab Street on June 28, 2019


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Previously, we reported that famous Kyoto coffee chain % Arabica would be opening their first Singapore outlet at Arab Street in April, 2019:

Famous Kyoto coffee shop % Arabica opening at S’pore’s Arab Street in April 2019

After some delays, the coffee chain has announced that their first local branch will officially open on June 28, 2019:

About % Arabica

% Arabica was founded in 2014 by coffee farm owner and coffee machine distributor Kenneth Shoji, along with latte art world champion Junichi Yamaguchi.

Known best for its excellent brewed coffee, the coffee chain has since expanded to cities like Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Casablanca and Berlin, with a total of 37 outlets worldwide:

According to Today Online, two more outlets at Chip Bee Gardens and [email protected] are slated to open in Singapore by the end of this year.

The cafe’s decor and layout

Complete with a minimalist white, grey and gold decor that is sure to make Instagrammers swoon, the chain’s Arab Street outlet has enough seats for 20 customers at one go:

There is even a small roastery at the back of the cafe for visitors to sneak a peak at how the baristas roast their beans in-house.

The cafe’s menu

% Arabica’s Arab street outlet will only serve drinks, and prices will range from around S$4.80 to S$9 each.

The cafe uses beans from countries like Brazil, Europe, Ethiopia and more, giving their coffee a world-class flavour second to none:

Their coffee is also made with Meiji’s full cream milk like in their Japanese outlets.

For those who are lactose intolerant, oat, soy or almond milk alternatives are available at S$1 more.

All of % Arabica’s bestsellers are available in both hot and iced versions:

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. الجزء الأوّل:- . فهيمة: تعرفون إنَّ اللوجو مالهم ُما يرمز للنسبة (%؜)؟. أنا و آمنة: أوّنه؟ عيل؟ فهيمة: يرمز لنَبتة القَهْوَة بصورَة مبسّطة. ?☕️ أنا: *جاري البحث في جُوجِل عن أرابيكا و نبتة القهوة*. النتيجة: لفّوا يسار عالصُّور. . أووووووووووووووووووووووو ? . الجزء الثّاني:- أنا و ميثة: ما شاء الله % أرابيكا عنده فروع ف مختلف أنحاء العالم Maitha asking the Barista: Where did % Arabica originated from?. Barista: Kyoto. أنا و ميثة: ???? طلع ياباااانيييييي!!!??♥️ #كنتوا_تعرفون؟

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And other non-caffeinated drinks the cafe serves include house-made lemonade with either still or sparkling water:

How to go

Address: 56 Arab Street, Singapore 199753

Opening Hours: 10am – 9.30pm daily

Top image courtesy of Arabica.sg on Instagram 

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